In late 2005, a few months after Hurricane Katrina, I came to Italy for a fresh start of my life. While living here, I’ve been to many parts of Italy, but not all. It’s always the way: you don’t see the sites where you live. Still, I have gone to many cities and towns in Italy. Below are links to albums containing photos of some of my outings.

Primary Photo Albums§

These albums are the most popular ones from my travels in Italy. The albums of photos from other places are listed by the region where they’re located.


Since there’s so much to see in Rome and it’s the most popular attraction, I’ve listed it first on this page. I’ve been there a few times and have taken many photographs.


I’ve lived in Milan for nearly twenty years. So I have many photos from the city, grouped in several albums based on sites and neighborhoods. Therefore, I’ve put the link to this city near the top of the page.

Aosta Valley§

Valle d’Aosta is a region of northwest Italy on the border by France and Switzerland. It’s located by western part of the Alps, where you can see the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso.


Bard is a small town of less than two-hundred people, located by the mountain, Mont-Rose. The town includes a fortress built in the 19th century by the House of Savoy.


Emilia-Romagna is a region in northern Italy, from the Apennine mountains on it’s southern end to the Po River in the north. The capital is Bologna.


This album contains photographs from a trip I took to Bologna with my daughter Marie, my friend Michael Stone and his girlfriend, Sky Kim.


Parma is a university city, known for cheese and ham. It has Roman era buildings, including a grand cathedral, and many other sites. The food is the best part, though.


Piacenza is a small city with a medieval gothic palace and the Sant’Antonino Basilica and several other old buildings that are well preserved.


Toscana, or Tuscany in English, is a region located in central Italy. Its capital is Firenze, or Florence in English.


Firenze, or Florence in English, has plenty to see and many people like it. I found it, though, to have too many tourists and college students. But if you look past them, you can enjoy much there.


Pisa is a small city on coast, that doesn’t have much of interest to tourists except for the cathedral with its famous leaning tower. That small complex is so lovely, it makes it worth visiting.


Liguria is a region in northwest Italy, situated along the coat of the Mediterranean. It’s known as the Italian Riviera and borders France and the French Riviera.

Cinque Terre

The name, Cinque Terre means in Italian, five lands. It’s a cluster of five towns along the coast, with homes and other buildings built in hill and cliff sides.


Genova, the capital of Liguria, is a large port and industrial city. The Republic of Genova is famous as being Christopher Columbus’ birth place.


Lombardia, or Lombardy in English, is a region in northern Italy. Its capital is Milan and it includes some of the larger lakes of Italy and the town of Como.


Bergamo is north east of Milan. Located up quite a climb is the older district, called Città Alta (i.e., Upper City). It has cobblestone streets and is surrounded by Venetian walls. The Duomo di Bergamo, the Romanesque Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, and the grand Cappella Colleoni can be found in this section.


created: june 2007; location: como, lombardia, italy


created: march 2008; location: lecco, lombardia, italy


created: november 2012; location: sirmione, lombardia, italy


created: january 2010; location: piemonte, italy


Domodossola is a city in the Piemonte region of northern Italy, located near the Alps.


Stresa is a small town on Lake Maggiore, with the Villa Pallavicino, with its gardens and zoo, and the Grand Hôtel des Îles Borromées, where Hemingway stayed.


Torino is the capital city of the Piemonte region in northern Italy next to the Alps. Known for the iconic spire of the Mole Antonelliana, it also has many baroque buildings along boulevards and grand squares, such as Piazza Castello.



created: july 2008; location: canosa di puglia, puglia, italy



created: october 2014; location: catania, sicily, italy


created: june 2009; location: cefalù, sicily, italy


created: october 2014; location: etna, sicily, italy


created: april 2007; location: palermo, sicily, italy


created: june 2009; location: segeste, sicily, italy


created: october 2014; location: taormina, sicily, italy



Naples is in southern Italy, on the Bay of Naples. Nearby is Mount Vesuvius, the still-active volcano that destroyed Pompeii.


Sorrento is on the coast of south west Italy, on the Bay of Naples. I went to Sorrento twice in a few month period for work. My friend, Rusty Osborne went with me the second time.

Friuli Venezia Giulia§


created: july 2017; location: trieste, friuli-venezia giulia, italy


Peschiera del Garda

created: november 2012; location: peschiera del garda, veneto, italy


created: june 2009; location: venice, veneto, italy


created: july 2009; location: verona, veneto, italy