Russell J.T. Dyer§

Russell J.T. Dyer

Welcome to my site, about my activities.

Site Destroyed§

This site was deleted recently. We made backups each day, but we still lost many of the photographs. We’re slowly restoring them, though—as we find the original photographs. We have annotated each post as to whether it has been restored.

Another Side of Moscow§

Today I met some people in the business district of Moscow, with it’s high-rise buildings, much like any modern city in the world. It’s quite a difference from the traditional center of Moscow with buildings from the time of the czars.

A Helleu Acquisition§

A few months ago I bought an etching from about 1900 by Paul Cesar Helleu, a famous artist from Paris. I had it reframed recently and hung it in my bedroom this week. It’s marvelous. I got it at a very good price and I’m delighted to have it.