Another Side of Moscow§

writer: russell j.t. dyer; posted: July 15, 2017; revised: April 21, 2018; readers in past month: 803

Moscow Business District

This week, I met with some people at the offices of in Moscow, on the 56th floor of their building. is one of the largest internet companies in Russia and the primary mail service of Russians. I know some people who work there; we used to work together at MySQL.

This is where we sat and talked. It’s a stunning and stylish view of Moscow, much like New York and other large cities. It’s interesting to see this other side of Moscow, this business side, as well as from up high and from within. It’s nothing like the center of Moscow with the Kremlin and St. Basil cathedral. Here there are tall buildings comprable to the main business district in almost any large city in the world.