New England§

As a boy, I lived in the Boston area, in a town called Peabody. I have several relatives living there still, including one of my son and his daughter. As a result, I’ve made several trips there in recent years. These photos are from those trips to New England.


created: may 2011; location: boston, massachusetts, united states

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and a fairly large city. There are several things to see from the early, colonial days of the North America. There are also, of course, more modern sights.


created: october 2007; location: cambridge, massachusetts, united states

This album has photos from Cambridge, Massachusetts — not Cambridge, England. This is where Harvard University and M.I.T., along with several other universities and colleges.


created: october 2010; location: concord, massachusetts, united states

The American revolution is said to have started in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts — at least the that’s where the war began. It’s also where the writer Henry Thoreau and others lived for a time.


created: may 2012; location: lowell, massachusetts, united states

This town was formerly a large center for manufacturing in the U.S. It has been very much revitalized and is now a clean and well constructed city.


created: january 2012; location: marblehead, massachusetts, united states

Marblehead is a beautiful small town on the coast of Massachusetts, north of Boston. The homes are charming and the people nice. There’s also a lighthouse, which I always like.


created: may 2010; location: rockport, massachusetts, united states

There are many artists and art schools in Rockport, Massachusetts. It’s on the coast, near Glouchester. There are many charming shops and good seafood restaurants, in addition to being an art colony.


created: may 2010; location: salem, massachusetts, united states

Salem used to be larger than Boston, but was later divided into smaller towns. It’s most famous for witch trials in the late 17th century. It’s quite a large town and has many nice places to visit.

Portsmouth, N.H.§

created: july 2010; location: portsmouth, new hampshire, united states

This album contains photos from Portsmouth, New Hampshire — not to be confused with cities of the same name elsewhere in the U.S. and in England.