Below are links to my Scandinavia travel photo albums.


created: august 2010; location: copenhagen, denmark

I’ve visited Copenhagen three times, as well as some nearby cities, including Malmo in Sweden. So I have many photos in this album.


created: june 2007; location: helsinki, finland

Having worked with a few Finnish companies, I’ve visited Helsinki a few times. I have some nice photos from those trips.


created: june 2007; location: helsinki, finland

There was no reason for me to go to Stockholm for work, but I managed to sneak in a day or two trip there once. I wish I could return to spend more time.


created: may 2022; location: aarhus, denmark

For the past year or two, I’ve been working for a company with its home office in Aarhus. It’s a small town in the middle of Denmark.


created: june 2007; location: helsinki, finland

For six years I worked for a company which had its home office in Upsalla. At one time it was the spiritual capital of Scandanavia.


created: june 2007; location: lund, sweden

A friend lives in Malmo, Sweden. When v0isiting her once, she took me to Lund, where she went to college.