Starting a Slightly New Life§

writer: russell j.t. dyer; posted: June 23, 2015; revised: June 23, 2015; readers in past month: 650

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

Given the recent changes in my situation, I feel that I can and should make some adjustments to my life. For one, my cash flow has improved immensely. I still have to be careful with money, but things are possible now that weren’t before. So far, I’ve used the money to move out, to pay off and down several debts.

I’ve also used some of the cash flow to buy airplane and train tickets to travel. I’m on my way now to Sweden. I’ll go to southern Italy about two weeks later. Then to England and maybe Russia.

The changes have also taken plenty of stress off of me. I don’t have to do so much extra work. I can instead do better at my job.

I can also get back to writing fiction and photography. I can allocate time to these things that I enjoy and will probably change my life in ways I cannot predict. I want to write and publish more novels. How different will my life be as a result.

I had thought of writing about world events. Now I can explore that. There’s so much I can and would like to do.