A Person of Colour§

writer: russell j.t. dyer; posted: February 20, 2006; revised: April 23, 2018; readers in past month: 558

My Apartment Walls

Much like a bird, I find that I am attracted to color. Over the years, in my house and apartments in which I was allowed to paint the walls colors other than white, I have done so and enjoyed the results. In the living room of my house and my first apartment, I had painted them the same brownish golden color, a deep sienna. Many times I have found myself sitting starring at the wall day dreaming. I have discovered myself starring deeply into the rich color. My last apartment was to remain white; I was not allowed to paint the walls. It was quite depressing. I find the colors in my new apartment, though, to be much more soothing, as they are sienna, slate blue, and terracotta.

With regards to women, I am much more attracted to women with color in their complexion, than pale women. I also prefer women who don’t let their hair go all gray. My last compagna was African-American and I found her skin color to be pleasing. Here in Italy, I cannot help but be sedated by the olive complexion of these beautiful women. Without the aide of make-up, many of these young women, especially those from southern Italy and Sicily sport tanned skin, rosey cheaks, beautiful white smiles, and wavey lucious, thick hair that I would give anything to be able to explore at my leisure and regularly. They are quite a day dream to look at.

Putting these two observations together, I’m realizing that I am in a subconscious way attracted to color and affected by it in ways that I do not yet understand. This is something I must give more thought and begin to observe about myself to better understand.