Marie in Italy§

writer: russell j.t. dyer; posted: May 19, 2008; revised: April 21, 2018; readers in past month: 850

Marie & Rusty in Como

Finally, all parties involved have agreed and the tickets have been purchased for my daughter Marie to go to Italy. I’m in the U.S. at the moment; she will go with me when I return at the end of May. Because she’s so young, she will return with my friend Rusty who will come from New Orleans at the middle of June to join us.

This will be Marie’s first trip to Europe. She’s very excited and has been bragging to her friends about going to Italy. She wants to eat plenty of gelato, to go horseback riding, and to visit her cousin, Martina in Sicily — the one with lots of Barbie dolls.

We’re planning on spending about four days in Sicily, a few days in Rome when Rusty is with us, a couple of days in the northeast seeing Venice and Trieste, and a day or so in Tuscany to see Florence — mostly for horseback riding. The rest of the time we will be hanging out in Milan. We should have a fabulous time. Hopefully, it’ll be a good foundation for her future as a traveler.