January Sales in Milan§

writer: russell j.t. dyer; posted: January 17, 2009; revised: April 2, 2018; readers in past month: 818

A New Quilt Blanket
Morning Sun on New Blanket

In January there are sales at almost all of the stores in Milan. Prices are usually at least thirty-percent less, but for many stores everything is reduced by fifty to seventy-percent. Some stores attempt to sell every item in their store during January. It’s bizarre to see a store completely empty like they’ve gone out of business. I mean, they sell every piece of merchandise. Then they clean up, renovate maybe, and go off and buy new merchandise for the new year. It’s fantastic.

I’ve learned to try to make sure I have money saved up for the January sales. In previous years I’ve bought myself a jacket every January and other minor items. This year, my big purchase is a down comfortor. It retails for about twelve-hundred dollars, but I paid less than half the normal price. It’s so nice! Unlike most people in Milan I still don’t close my shutters at night — I do close them most of the way now, but not completely. I do this mostly because I don’t have curtains yet on the windows of my new apartment. I leave the shutters open enough to let the morning sun. It hits my comforter about nine and it looks so nice. Almost every morning I wake to this, smile at it and then go back to sleep. Click on the photo here to enlarge it to see how it looks.