Duomo without Scaffolds§

writer: russell j.t. dyer; posted: December 27, 2008; revised: April 2, 2018; readers in past month: 810

The Milan Duomo

After three years of being in Milan, I am now finally able to see the Duomo without the front of the cathedral being obstructed with scaffolds. It seems like every big city I visit in Europe which has a cathedral or the like is being renovated and enveloped in scaffolding. As of December 2008, the front of the Duomo is fully visible again. There’s still some minor work being done to some of the higher, upper sections on the right side of the Duomo, but the restoration is about done. The front seemed to have been finished for about nine months now, but the left some of the scaffold in place since it allowed them to use it as a billboard to raise money for the restoration.

This year they put up a large video billboard to the right of the Duomo on the Duomo Museum building, still facing the plaza. They’re now working on that building and I guess it brings in enough revenues to be able to pull down the scaffold from the front of the Duomo. Thank goodness for that.