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Building a Desk

writer: russell j.t. dyer;  posted:  November 28, 2009;  revised:  November 28, 2009;  readers in past month:  72

For over a year now I have been looking for a desk. I wanted one that was wide, but not too deep. Of course, there were also decorating considerations: style, color, etc. A few months ago, a friend of mine spotted a desk at Muji that looked like what I wanted, or at least part of what I wanted: the legs. In the photographs here you can see the legs that I bought. A few weeks ago I found a couple of boards that I liked on sale—they’re beechwood. I glued the two boards together with dowels and then sanded them, excessively. I went a couple of weeks trying to decide on the finished. I stained them with a colorless stain. As you can see, I’ve drilled holes for the cables for my computer and other devices. I’m not finished yet: I need to tie the cables underneath and maybe add a small pencil drawer. Still, I think it looks pretty good so far.

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