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These web log entries are things for which I have been musing. Before my friend Richard Stringer died shortly after Hurricane Katrina, I would discuss my musings with him. Now, I write about them here for my benefit, but they may be of interest to others.

Good Photos

I enjoy photographing people. But I'm often disappointed by many photos I see on social networking sites. I wish people would take the time to make better photographs.
posted: october 7, 2016; past month: 137 views

No Friends: Part I, Self

When you have no friends, it’s difficult to know how to get them. It’s frustrating: Everything you do seems to repel people instead.
posted: february 19, 2016; past month: 64 views

Why We Have No Friends

There are many reasons why some have no friends. Sometimes it’s because we create barriers to allow others to be our friends. Sometimes itit’s for emotional protection. This post covers a few of them in fairly simple terms.
posted: november 4, 2015; past month: 82 views

Life Without Keys

Yesterday, I sent the keys to the apartment to the landlady. This morning I left the keys to my friend’s place where I’ve been staying. I don’expect to get replacement keys any time soon.
posted: june 23, 2015; past month: 29 views

Starting a Slightly New Life

Because of the recent changes I’ve made in my living situation, I have the opportunity to change slightly my life. I can change how I live, how I work, and how I spend my leisure. There are many possibilities that are now more easily accessible.
posted: june 23, 2015; past month: 18 views

I am Alone

In a recent episode of the popular television show, Dr. Who. there was an interesting scene that could only be done on such a show. It speaks to the sense of loneliness many of us feel at times.
posted: september 11, 2014; past month: 13 views

Random Selection of Older Musings

Just me

Why is it that we define ourselves in relation to others? Why can't we just be ourselves and still be happy, and still be content? I want to feel normal being me and just me. Is that not possible?
posted: october 27, 2007; past month: 9 views

Another Father Lost

One of my best friends, Richard Stringer died today of cancer. My father also died from cancer, but when I was three years old. Although my mother remarried when I was seven, my step father wasn't a sufficient substitute for father. Not that he...
posted: december 5, 2005; past month: 8 views

Living Without a Plot

Perhaps it's the plight of being a writer, a reader, and generally a human in a literary conscious world, as well as having lived in the success and goal planning ways of the U.S., but without realizing it I have led my life with always one or mor...
posted: february 17, 2006; past month: 9 views

Throwing Temper Tantrums

When I was a child, I used to be notorious for temper tantrums. No one ever seemed to have understood me during those times or why I had them. Until now, I never gave them much thought. However, I think I now know why I had them. My father die...
posted: may 27, 2006; past month: 6 views

Why I want Hillary to Win

Although I have valid reasons for believing that Hillary Clinton and not Barack Obama is the best candidate for president, I realize that I also have psychological reasons for wanting her to win.
posted: may 22, 2008; past month: 8 views

Dealing in Words

It's been a year now that I have been trying to learn Italian at the source and fluency still evades me. I continue to improve--although I'm not studying like a student but more like a child learning his first language. Of course, I'm not a chil...
posted: december 1, 2006; past month: 7 views

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Russia is amazing and Moscow is exciting. I’ve visited many times.

St. Petersburg

This is one of the great and beautiful cities of Russia.