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Ignoring the Fountains

— Milan

A Helleu Acquisition

Earlier this year I started acquiring art work for my home. A few months ago I bought an etching by Paul Cesar Helleu, a famous artist from Paris. It was made around the year 1900. I had it reframed recently and hung it in my bedroom this week. It’s marvelous. I got it at a very good price and I’m delighted to have it in my home.

posted: oct 30, 2014

First Performance at La Scala

After many years of living in Milan and wanting to see a performance at La Scala theater, I’ve final gone to one. I went with a a friend visiting from Sweden this week. They’re world famous for their operas, but they also produce ballets and symphony orchestera performances. Their tickets can be from one-hundred to two-hundred euros each. However, we managed to buy deep discounted tickets for only eleven euros a ticket to a ballet, Romeo and Juliet.

posted: oct 24, 2014


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Starting a Slightly New Life

Because of the recent changes I’ve made in my living situation, I have the opportunity to change slightly my life. I can change how I live, how I work, and how I spend my leisure. There are many possibilities that are now more easily accessible.


Life Without Keys

Yesterday, I sent the keys to the apartment to the landlady. This morning I left the keys to my friend’s place where I’ve been staying. I don’expect to get replacement keys any time soon.