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Home Port

— Cefal├╣

Daily Photo Project

To help me to become more familiar with my Leica M8.2 camera and improve my abilities as a street photographer, I've started a project in which I will take each day three dozen pictures and post each day one of them on this site. My plan is to use the same camera and lens combination so as to become so familiar with the equipment that I will be able to focus on improving my skills as a photographer.

posted: jul 11, 2013

Over the Top

A few months ago I moved into a new apartment. My old sofa was too long to fit in the stairwell to get it into the new apartment. Plus, it was very shabby and needed to be replaced. Since I had a new credit card, I bought a new, smaller sofa thinking it would make it up the stairs. But it didn't and I had to get a moving company to bring it over my balcony on the fifth floor.

posted: dec 16, 2012


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A Postcard from the Past

In digging recently through a box of old postcards, I discovered one from long ago that was sent to me when I was a young man. It was from Europe, from San Marino in particular. I remember the card and remember thinking when I received it how wonderful it would be to go to Europe.


Deleting Skype Contacts

Over the past few weeks I have begun to delete friends most of the people from my Skype contact list. I have deleted friends, actual friends with whom I regularly communicate. I am down to eleven contacts in Skype now: eight colleagues, two friends, and my daughter.