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These posts provide information about my activities as they happen or afterwards. They include information about things I’m doing (e.g., cooking, decorating) or things in which I have an interest (e.g., photography, travel, work).

A Helleu Acquisition

A few months ago I bought an etching from about 1900 by Paul Cesar Helleu, a famous artist from Paris. I had it reframed recently and hung it in my bedroom this week. It’s marvelous. I got it at a very good price and I’m delighted to have it.
posted: october 30, 2014; past month: 209 views

First Performance at La Scala

After years of wanting to see a performance at La Scala theater, I’ve final gone to one. They’re world famous for their operas, but they also produce ballets and symphony orchestera performances. I bought deep discounted tickets to a ballet.
posted: october 24, 2014; past month: 303 views

Finding Clarity

To learn how to use the Leica M9 camera for studio photography, while in London this week, I spent a day taking private lessons with a professional fashion photographer who uses the same camera for his work. It was fun and extremely useful.
posted: august 12, 2014; past month: 1012 views

Basic Cooking Classes

For a few years I have been trying to improve my cooking skills. I’m fairly good, but I have gaps in my skills. I don’t know how to cook many things I’d like to be able to cook. So I started taking classes at a cooking school in Milan.
posted: june 10, 2014; past month: 188 views

Original Art

As a child, we had plenty of original art in our home. I like original, hand made art. It feels more genuine than prints. It feels more like a home. A couple of weeks ago I bid on my first picture at an auction and won.
posted: june 9, 2014; past month: 148 views


It’s the start of Spring in Italy and the poppies are flowering, filling yet unplowed fields and lining the road sides. They’re reminders of peace. They are symbols of freedom, as well as other such emotions and hope for a better life.
posted: april 8, 2014; past month: 136 views

New Albums


Russia is amazing and Moscow is exciting. I’ve visited many times.

St. Petersburg

This is one of the great and beautiful cities of Russia.